Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Around 865kms away from Delhi is located Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar that forms one of the best excursion spots in Uttarakhand. It is a renowned peak in the Kailash range that forms part of the Transhimalaya in the Tibet. The peak lies in the vicinity of the longest rivers of Asia as in The Indus, The Brahmaputra, The Sutlej and The Karnali. It is also one of the holy places for important religions like Buddhism and Jainism.

Kailash Mansarovar doles out scenic beauty to travelers and is besieged with wonderful sights of Nature. It offers bewitching and most over-powering beauty that adds to the experience of the travelers. It offers ultimate revelation of the Almighty and captivating silvery summit with dazzling sheen and saintly aura that perforates in to the stature of 6690 meters above sea level.

Important Facts about Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
The Yatra to this Kailash Mansarovar is organized by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India each year in the months of June to September. Different batches are organized and each batch takes around 22 days to complete the Yatra. 14 days are spent in the Indian Territory and the rest 8 days are inside the Chinese territory of the Tibet. Total distance covered during this yatra is 647kms in the Indian Territory and he 243 kms in the Chinese territory.

The Sacred Mansarovar Lake
Parikrama of Kailsah Parvat is 54kms long. In Sanskrit, Kailash Parvat is referred as the “Abode of Lord Shiva” and his spouse Goddess “Parvati”. Travelling across the nature here adds to another 32kms to the journey but is worth exploring. The holy Mansarovar and the Rakshas Tal are located to the South of the Sacred Kaislah Parvat.

Mansarovar Lake is the holiest lake as per Hindu Mythology and is the most inspiring and renowned of all lakes known in the world. The beautiful lake is majestically serene and offers pleasing sight to emerald settings of Mother Nature. It has two mighty and majestic silver mountains with Kailash on the North and Gurla Mandhata on the South. Further, in the mid of Rakshas Tal there is Ravan Harda on the west and some hills on the east.

The Om Mountain (Parvat)
Extending over vast cradle of the Tibetan Plateau and hanging over a heavenly height of 4550 mts above the sea level, is the extensive expanse of lake with a huge circumference of around 88kms and a depth of around 90 meters that covers an area of around 320 sq kms. So far, one of the adventurous experiences would be visiting here during the winter times when the entire lake freezes. The frozen ice breaks in the spring season and melts to form clear blue water. Many poets come here to experience the tranquility of nature and compose some amazing art pieces to form epic forever. Many poets have described nature’s verdant beauty in their poems and unfold adequate beauty and grandeur of sunrise and sunset on the lake. The water of the Mansarovar lake is sweet than like any other glacial lake. The holy place is also known for human adventures as in camping grounds, sightseeing places, pilgrimage sites and places to relax and rejuvenate. The path to the lake is somewhere rocky and somewhere sand.

During the sunset, entire Kailash region towards the North forms a blistering region all of a sudden unveiling silvery sight to peak in the front.

Weather here is unpredictable. At one moment one might witness the scorching sun and the next moment it may start hailing and snowing after a short while. Camping here is a good idea anyone wishes to enjoy clear blue sky, and sheet of pearl snow at the same time.

Kalidas's Saying
Kalidas who was the famous poet of that era defined Mother Nature in his poems in Sanskrit literature.

Kalidas mentioned “There are mighty mountains Himalayas in the northern part that receives consistent snowfall and is called the God of Mountains. It is animated by Divinity as its soul and the internal spirit. From wide land of eastern to the western sea, the mountains stand erect like a measuring rod of the Earth”.

He further added “On the direction of the King Prithu, the mountain was considered as a calf by all other mountains. While the Mountain Neru stood there as an expert milker of cows and milked the Earth with shining gems and medicinal herbs of wonderful herbs of great value”.

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
The holy mount Kailash and Manas have always been the source of motivation and is a hub of beliefs and values of several pilgrims. Despite several difficulties and enormous troubles in the travelling path people still prefer to travel to Mansarovar. Though the pilgrimage here was stopped between 1959 to 1980, but again started in 1981. Since then lakhs of travelers visit here each year. On the other side of the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Kailsah and Mansarovar are the most beautiful and sacred shrines.

From the religious point of view, these places are considered as highly important. It is said that Darshan and Parikrama to Kailash and Mansarovar are termed as extremely sacred by the people of following religions namely- Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Bonpa.

Bonpa, one of the important religion observes a nine story “Swastika” that is thought to be a habitat of Dhamchauk and Dorge Phangmo. Hindus revere the place as the home of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Buddhists believe it to be home of Lord Buddha and Manipadam and Jains think it as a place of Nirwana and the “First Tirthankar”.

Near Mansarovar there is an amazingly beautiful lake that is called Rakash Tal or Ravehahalad. In the north of these two lakes is Mt Kailash and series of Mount Gurala is situated in the south. Four rivers of the North start from here as Karnalies, Brahamaputra, Sindha and Sutlej. Mount Kailash and the Mansarovar Lake hold high significance and very close to Indians. Uttarakhand is also known as Manas-Khand because of Mansarovar and Uttarakhand.

It is thought of that Mansarovar originated from the forehead of Lord Brahma. It was later discovered by the King Gurlamandhata after whose name the highest mountain stature Mt. Gurala has earned its name.

There are numerous mountains and lakes that have their history, culture and mythology attached here.

Weather at Kailash Mansarovar
Ideal time to commence the yatra is from May to September. Indian pilgrims arrive here in the months of June to September in 16 batches; each batch takes around 30 to 40 days to cover the entire journey. The advertisement of this Yatra is made by the Foreign Ministry of Indian Government. But pilgrims who are through with the medical tests and other basic formalities are only allowed to join the yatra. The Yatra management is taken care of by the Tibetan tourism organization in Tibet and the Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd in the Indian periphery correspondingly.

Travelers get a chance to witness extremes of weather here. Nature here is at its wildest with rugged paths and rock strewn valleys. But all in all it is an amazing place to visit and worship in the midst of nature.


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