About Chakarta

Chakarta is a wonderful destination that offers peaceful and amazing ambience to visitors. It is situated at a height of 2,270 mts above the sea level in the Dehradun district in the state of Uttarakhand. The place is an isolated region away from the muddle of the cities and geographically, it is 100kms towards the North West of Dehradun. Chakarta was earlier known by the name Jaunsar Bawar and is this region is largely resided by Jaunsari tribes of Garhwal.

Chakarta is actually a cantonment area that is based between Yamuna and Tons River and is besieged by thick and dense coniferous, oak and rhododendron trees. The Cantonment of the British army was established in the year 1866 by Colonel Hume on the 55th Regiment, British Indian Army and the troops of the officers primarily occupied the cantonment in the year April 1869.

Majestic Himalayan Views

Besieged by Himalayan valleys and peaks, Chakarta offers wonderful and splendid views to tourists. The place unfolds lush green views to mountains and beautiful emerald settings of Mother Nature. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers, bird watchers and adventure lovers who wish to explore the charm spread by almighty in its wonderful creation.

Chakarta is a naturally majestic place that doles classic sightseeing destinations for tourists not only in the Chakarta but also around it. The hill station is rich in flora and fauna. The flora here spreads over an extensive area, making it appear like an emerald nugget. During the winter season the place offers panoramic views as it is expansively covered by the sheets of snow.

Why Chakarta?

There are numerous places in Uttarakhand to explore and sightsee but Chakarta has its own importance amid the list of several. The place is famous for its caves and ancient religious places, which have evolved as the attraction spots for tourists here. Most of the area in and around Chakarta are yet not trampled by people and are unpolluted, unsoiled and unexploited sights.

Chakarta offers number of temples to the travelers. Two of the famous temples here are Hano Mahasu Temple and Lakhamandal temple. Both of these temples are under supervision of ASI and are located along the riverside of Holy Yamuna and the traces of its existence relate back to the time period of Mahabharata.

Tourists may find range of trekking and hiking sights that may add to their travel experience making it more pleasing and exciting altogether. Charkarta also has some famous waterfalls and Tiger fall is one of them. It has alpine meadows of Mundali that is located at 2,776mts above the sea level and offers wonderful skiing opportunities during the winter season.

Weather of Chakarta

The weather of Chakarta is simply pleasing and captivating. In summers it remains moderate with Maximum temperature touching 30C and the Minimum dipping to 10C. Winters on the other hand may have temperature variation between Maximum 15C and Minimum -5C. Also, winter season experiences heavy rainfall.

Best Season to Visit- April to June and September to November
Summers in Chakarta

The salubrious weather of Chakarta in summers might simply take your heart away. The weather is pleasant but cold at times so it is advisable to carry light woolens. There are simple of places for sightseeing so carrying your sports shoes or spikes can also prove fruitful.

Monsoon in Chakarta

Monsoons in Chakarta offers perfect views to snow laden mountains and peaks but the visibility is less. One might catch verdant colors of majestic Chakarta during the monsoons. The monsoon in Chakarta continues from the Month of July till September. This is a decent time to visit when you can experience different moods of nature and different facets of Chakarta on the go. All in all, Chakarta doles out classic experience to the tourists. At times the roads here may stay blocked due to landslides or due to uprooting of trees but nothing is uncontrollable so keep your fears at bay. Also, carry raincoats to avoid drenching in rains.

Winters in Chakarta

This season also receives heavy rainfall in winters and chilly breeze blows across the place, so, carrying woolen clothes is mandatory. The place is perfect scenic spot to visit during winter season as it is at its best during this time and you might spend more time here to live its tranquility.

Important Information

The access of foreigners is restricted to the area of Military Cantonment, so please don’t encroach on this area. Chakarta foreigners ought to obtain a permit from the Commnadant 22 Force c/o 56 APO

1. As it is a Cantonment area so petrol and diesel is not allowed but can be only availed in small quantities from the local traders.
2. The nearest petrol pump here is Vikasnagar around 50kms of odd distance. It is advisable for the tourist to get the tank full here afore arriving to Chakarta.
3 There are no restaurants in Chakarta around, so if you are gourmet and enjoy food then Chakarta has many hotels where you can prefer to dine and stay.


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