La Perle Monal, Pangot, Nainital

La Perle Monal, Pangot, Nainital

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Brief about La Perle Monal, Pangot
La Perle is one the most sought after accommodation facility at Pangot, Nainital and offers pleasing views to natural surroundings. Travelers who are looking for comfortable accommodation facilities then La Perle is the ideal destination to stop by and relax. Guests get a chance to witness dense forests of Tarai region and other terraced fields that are located around.

The hotel also unfolds spectacular views to Himalayas and provides a range of amenities and facilities to the travelers that assure rich and pleasant stay at the hotel.

Geographical Location of the Hotel at La Perle Monal, Nainital
The hotel is located in the serene woods of Pangot at Nainital and affirms wonderful stay to the travelers.

Details of the Rooms at Hotel La Perle Monal, Nainital
The rooms at the hotel are built in colonial style and have plush interiors that are simply heartwarming. The hotel also has 6 bedded dormitories that can easily accommodate big groups of 6-12 people at one time.

Food and Dinner at La Perle Monal, Pangot, Nainital
The hotel offers a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers delectable food to guests and assures brilliant services. The hotel has an additional kitchen facility where guests can meals of their own.

Facilities and Services at Hotel La Perle Monal, Pangot, Nainital
Attached bathrooms
Clean rooms
Ample parking space
Delicious food
Trained professional to provide room service

Outdoor Activities at La Perle Monal, Pangot, Nainital
Table tennis

How to Arrive at the Hotel La Perle Monal, Pangot, Nainital
Those who looking for safe travel to the city can arrive here via three modes of commutations namely rail, road and flight. Trains that run to and fro from Nainital is Ranikhet express that reaches to Kathgodam. From there taxi and buses are easily accessible. Furthermore, Nainital has web of robust roads that assure smooth travel via roads. Total distance of Delhi and Nainital is 285 kms. Nearest airport facility to Nainital is Pantnagar airport.


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